Christian Harvest Church To Launch Revamped Website

Christian Harvest Ministry Ordination (Photo)

The board of regents of Christian Harvest Churches of America has announced that its website is currently in revision and will be relaunched soon at

The church’s original legacy website and domain name will remain online after the new website becomes fully active to allow time for any issues to be resolved, but will be transitioned into the new website by the end of this year.

The updated website will feature new directories dedicated to chartered Christian Harvest churches and ministers across the United States and around the world.

A streamlined process for obtaining ordination as a Christian minister through online study, church charters and other resources will be included on the revised website

The board expressed its appreciation to the church’s volunteer web team for its efforts in designing and developing the new website, as well as its gratitude to its community of independent ministers and congregants for their patience as the process continues.


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